Sunshine Nakiri Knife (Graphite Maple)
Sunshine Nakiri Knife (Graphite Maple)
Sunshine Nakiri Knife (Graphite Maple)
Sunshine Nakiri Knife (Graphite Maple)
Sunshine Nakiri Knife (Graphite Maple)
Sunshine Nakiri Knife (Graphite Maple)

Sunshine Nakiri Knife (Graphite Maple)

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Our Sunshine Nakiri evokes a certain passion for kitchen cutlery. Ideal for making quick work of vegetables, your mis en place will come together in no time.

Slice, dice, chop, mince- the nakiri simplifies food preparation, and skillfully handles cutting tasks. The flat edge produces clean, precise cuts.

Sometimes it's chosen as a starter knife, other times, its selected to round out a collection. Either way, it will prestigiously compliment your kitchen.


Graphite Maple

The natural variations in the woodgrain took on a stunning stripe pattern that highlights the dark tones of this colorway.

†History of the Name...

As you may know, we often name our knives after the highest peaks in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, affectionately known as "fourteeners". 

Sunshine Peak | 14,001 feet

While the name origin of Sunshine Peak remains unknown, it’s ironic that it bares that name to begin with. One of, if not the, first attempts to summit it in 1875 was abandoned when a thunderstorm rolled in. “In revenge, the mountain furnished (climbers) with an exciting electrical adventure,” according to John Lathrop Jerome Hart’s 1925 book entitled, “Fourteen Thousand Feet: A History of the Naming and Early Ascents of the High Colorado Peaks”.

Blade Options...

It is available in the following high carbon steel blade formats: Hand-forged Matte, 230 layer Damascus, and in the extremely unique San Mai.

Hand Forged Matte - This is the staple of our limited edition blades. It capitalizes on the beneficial properties of high carbon steel, resulting in maximum performance, and an almost silky textured finish.

Damascus - While this legendary knife making process dates back thousands of years old, our modernized process creates timeless, contemporary knives. Each of the individual 230 layers of steel folded by hand to create a remarkable and mesmerizing damascus- a wavy, ripple pattern tracing the lines where the steel layers fused. Each piece is a labor of love and creativity. Each damascus pattern is one of kind.

San Mai - This "three parts" composition and construction process is Japanese in origin, and it accurately describes how this blade format is produced. We use an extremely technical process of hand forging a stainless steel around a high carbon steel core. The stainless elements are meant to have an imperceptible flex, around a rock hard core that is also the cutting edge. The visible wave that is created when the layers are bonded together is entirely unique to that blade. No two are the same.


  • Steel: Hand forged High Carbon Steel (type 01)
  • Steel Hardness: 61 hRc
  • Blade Shape: Nakiri
  • Blade Options: Matte, Damascus, San Mai
  • Blade Type: Matte, Full Tang
  • Blade Length: 6”
  • Edge Type: Straight-back, Convex
  • Edge Angle: 16º
  • Handle Shape: SV1
  • Handle Material: Maple


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