Care & Use

The most important factor in the care of your Bear Creek knife is how you clean it. NEVER put a Bear Creek knife in a dishwasher (or any quality knife, for that matter). This can damage the knife’s finish, blade, and handle. Use warm water, a mild soap, and towel dry immediately after washing to avoid any tarnish. 

In terms of use, it is always important to exercise care when using any knife. Our knives arrive sharp and remain sharp with proper honing. Therefore, it is quite easy to cut yourself if you become distracted while slicing, dicing, or cutting.

Always use an appropriate surface. Cutting on hard stone or fabricated countertops can dull the blade. We suggest “softer” surfaces—such as wooden cutting boards—that are much easier on your cutting edge.

To safely store your knife, it is advisable to use either a wall-mounted magnetic strip, a knife block, or drawer inserts designed specifically for knives.