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Inspired in Colorado.

Our Story

Our Story (as told by Scott...)

I’m lucky- growing up, food/cooking was always a focal point for my family, and today, I get to enjoy great food on a regular basis as my wife is an extraordinary home cook! A buddy of mine and I were sitting around the dinner table after a great meal and we started talking knives. We both really appreciate the art of cooking, and love how food has a unique way of creating connection among family and friends.  We also saw the gap in the market for kitchen knives- the norm is a standard, black handled knife that saturates the shelves of kitchen stores. We wanted something different, something better. 

We also didn’t want a factory produced, assembly line, stamped out kitchen knife. If you look at a lot of what is out there, you’ll find that what most of the larger knife makers do, even the more prominent ones. We wanted something more personal. To make hand-forged, hand-made, kitchen knives that featured unique designs and exotic materials.  And Bear Creek Knives was born.

We began designing the knives right here in Denver, Colorado. We knew we didn’t want our knives to come stamped out of a factory, we wanted skilled artisans to make our knives. 

We’ve worked tirelessly through rounds of prototypes with our manufacturing partners to produce what we feel is a very high caliber knife. We use only quality steels, including U.S. made 440c steel, to produce our gorgeous knives. Sure, they are super sharp, but they are also pieces of art in your kitchen. And they are built to last.

Not only do we believe in our knives, we back them with our acclaimed Bear Creek Knives Legacy Guarantee:

  • 100 Day /100% No-Risk Return Policy
  • Unique 3-Step UltraFine-Honed Blade Edge Process
  • Evergreen Sharpening (free resharpening for life)
  • Lifetime Warranty (we will take care of any issues for life)

Naming Our Knives  

You may have noticed, Colorado runs deep in our veins. Many of our knifes and collections are named after some of the special places and areas of natural beauty that exist in our beloved state.  Search our knives and you'll likely spot some well-known and possibly even some obscure locations in the Rocky Mountains. For those of you who are Colorado savvy, you'll quickly recognize knives named after the 'fourteeners'- our highest mountain peaks, towering over 14,000 feet. These places inspire our work, as our knives become extensions of their stories. 

Guiding Principles

At Bear Creek Knives, we love food, family, and friends. We also are of the mindset that having a great kitchen knife matters—and it does.

It is these principles that inspired us to begin making knives that are smart, functional, and of the highest quality (i.e., durable). And just like the best meals we prepare or which are prepared for us, our knives are handmade.

Having encountered mass-produced knives and found them lacking, we set out to make a knife that not only meets—but exceeds—the expectations of even the most discriminating chef. We wanted the care and effort we put into every knife we make to be evident for the lifetime of your Bear Creek knife.

Despite the wide availability of essentially “disposable” cookie-cutter knives with the predictable (and cheap) black handles, we recognize that to many, knives are very personal. Great knives become family heirlooms and are passed down through the generations. There is something truly wonderful about the feel of a high-quality knife in your hand. It should inspire your creativity and desire to make something special.

A superior knife just downright feels good in your hand; you know the moment you pick it up. We know this too. That is why at Bear Creek, we put as much effort into form as we do function. But one does not compromise the other. A Bear Creek knife has that great feeling in your hand and provides a precision cut. What’s more, our knives are stylish and complement any kitchen.