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Ouray Chef's Knife

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The Skinny

  • Stunningly beautiful hand-made knife that is exquisitely designed for performance and style
  • Razor sharp chef’s blade is made to handle a wide variety of cutting tasks with ease. The blade effortlessly minces onion, slices proteins with precision, and chops vegetables.
  • Constructed with special, yet tried and true, 440c Martensitic Stainless Steel, the blades edge gets fabulously sharp, stays sharp longer, and resists corrosion.
  • Handle is ergonomically constructed of preserved camel bone to fit any hand, giving that “just right” feel.
  • Blade is hand-sharpened to a 16-degree angle, double-beveled cutting edge
  • Fully guaranteed with Lifetime Warranty.

The Lowdown

The Bear Creek 8” Ouray Chef’s Knife will become the workhorse of your kitchen. Every chef knows it is important to have a well-balanced, finely constructed tool that performs reliably and consistently. A Bear Creek chef’s knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife made for a wide range of cutting tasks. The design of the Shavano allows a rocking motion for delicate tasks—like dicing or mincing herbs—while allowing the versatility to slice vegetables and proteins. The full-tang blade construction provides perfectly balanced feel and exceptional control. It features an artisan-made camel bone contoured handle.  The tool you need to bring together food, friends, and family.

(Note: We’re always making knives, but we’re a craft maker and we sell out / run low at times. If your knife is not immediately ready to ship, rest assured, when you order, we prioritize getting your knife to the front of our production schedule.)

A Bear Creek Knife must have all the ingredients of a great knife. It...

 …must be different

Aren’t you tired of the boring black handled knife? We are too. We build our knives for function, sure, but we figured, “why not make it attractive too?” Bear Creek Knives are showstoppers in your kitchen. Because the beauty matches the performance, you can be sure you have the ultimate knife! 

 …must be Hand-made

At Bear Creek Knives, we love food, friends, and family. We also are of the mindset that having a great kitchen knife matters—and it does.

It is these principles that inspired us to begin making knives that are smart, functional, and of the highest quality (i.e., durable). And just like the best meals, our knives are handmade. Having encountered mass-produced knives and found them lacking, we set out to make a knife that not only meets—but exceeds—the expectations of even the most discriminating chef. We wanted the care and effort we put into every knife we make to be evident for the lifetime of your Bear Creek knife.

 …must be of high-quality Construction

Despite the wide availability of essentially “disposable” cookie-cutter, mass-produced knives with the predictable (and cheap) black handles, we recognize that to many, knives are very personal. Personal care is put into each knife we make. Simply put, Bear Creek Knives are built to last, and we make them from the best materials we can source- like the special, yet tried and true 440c Martensitic Stainless Steel. Great knives become family heirlooms and are passed down through the generations. There is something truly spectacular about the feel of a high-quality knife in your hand. It should inspire your creativity and desire to make something special.

 …must Perform

The first time you cut something with your Bear Creek knife, you feel the performance.  It’s the culmination of the hand forging, the premium steel, the exotic handle materials, and the ergonomic sculpting of the handle. There is nothing quite like it, anywhere. 

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