Why Premium Stainless Steel?

Uncompromising Materials = Stellar Attributes
To produce anything that is high quality, the maker must first start with the best materials. We choose our steels based on the composition and specific properties of the steels. With every steel, there are slight variances and trade-offs among different attributes. This is why Bear Creek Knives chooses only steels that will be  ultra-high strength (resist breakage and chipping), hold an edge, resist corrosion, and be extremely resistant to wear. We want it to last. 

This is a big deal because not all stainless steel meets safety requirements for food preparation. You can be assured that your Bear Creek knife provides the highest degree of food safety and will not degrade with use and time.

Built to last
Since we guarantee every knife that leaves our workshop for a lifetime against manufacturer defects, it's important that we get things right, and choose our steels carefully. That's our promise to you. We hand make our knives to last a lifetime.